Centro La Salle
(Centro de Formación Integral La Salle)

Callejón Quintana Roo #1733
Zona Centro
Tijuana, Baja California,
México 22000
Telephone: (011-52-664) 684-0289
Fax: (011-52-664) 684-3567
Email: lasalletijuana@hotmail.com
Director: Brother Domingo DeAlba, FSC
Founded: 1978

The Centro is a joint work of the District of North Mexico and the District of San Francisco. In a small collection of simple cinder block buildings on both sides of a street barely wider than an alley, De La Salle Christian Brothers and Lasallian Volunteers collaborate with more than 100 Partners from the Tijuana community to offer a broad range of free educational programs in response to spiritual, personal, and cultural needs. One of their goals is to help people become agents of change in their families, colonias (neighborhoods), and local Catholic parishes. Programs range from instruction for those who will become catechists and lay ministers in local parish churches, to basic literacy, English, college prep science and math, cooking, hair styling, decorative arts, and computers. There are also classes, like Psicología de Adolescentes (Adolescent Psychology) and Armonía en la Pareja (Harmony in Marriage), whose goals are to strengthen family relationships. There are even courses in Reflexology.

Centro La Salle began in 1978 as an outreach program to poor communities living in Tijuana. Brothers ministered to the educational and community building needs of various colonias. Eventually, a permanent center was found and the work expanded.

Today, the Centro takes on many levels of life and vitality. An active Lasallian Youth program (open to the "youthful" of all ages) helps host the Venaver student immersion groups from the District secondary schools that use the Centro as a home while they learn about the situation of the border and

work with and for people at the edges of poverty. In 2002, the Lasallian Youth group sponsored a day of activities for the West Coast Lasallian Youth Assembly for over 100 students from the same District secondary schools that participate in Venaver.

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